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  • tetramorphic — adj. [Gr. tetra, four; morphe, form] (CNIDARIA: Hydrozoa) Having four distinct forms in one individual …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • tetramorphic — tet·ra·mor·phic …   English syllables

  • Tetramorph — A Tetramorph (from Greek tetra , four and morph , shape) is a symbolic arrangement of four differing elements. Archaeological evidence exists showing that early man divided the four quarters of the horizon, or space, later a place of sacrifice,… …   Wikipedia

  • Coprinellus impatiens — Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • tetramorphism — /tɛtrəˈmɔfɪzəm/ (say tetruh mawfizuhm) noun the property of some substances of crystallising in four structurally distinct forms. –tetramorphic, tetramorphous, adjective …  

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